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Silver Elephant



Includes annual dues, name badge & one ticket to fall fundraiser




Basic annual membership with dues and voting privileges and member luncheon price




For men and members of other RWF clubs who are registered Republicans




For students currently enrolled at educational institutions

Membership Information

Membership in the SBRWF is open to women (and men) who are registered Republicans and embrace the Republican philosophy of the party of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan. The organization sponsors monthly meetings featuring distinguished speakers. It also offers patriotic activities that raise awareness about initiaives important to the Republican Party and empowers men and women in the political process. SBRWF educates members on issues and legislation and promotes grassroots advocacy with the goal of electing Republicans to office.


  • Women registered as Republican who support the objectives and policies of the Federation.

  • Women from other Republican Federated clubs may apply for Associate Membership.

  • Men registered as Republicans, including spouses of members, may apply for Associate Membership.

  • Republican students currently enrolled at educational institutions, may apply for Student Membership.

Membership Application
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